Bras are like that one friend you always forget to invite out. They support you; they comfort you and sometimes, they even give you a lift. But no matter what, they always seem to finish last. Why do we always neglect the good things in life?!?

Well, todays different. We’re finally going to give all the bras out there, the care that they deserve!! With just a little bit of tlc, you can lengthen the life span of your bras and the benefits that they provide. So, get to reading and find out what you can do to make this friendship last!

How often should you wash your bras?

Good question. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer, but we’d recommend washing your bras after every 3rd or 4th wear. Now, we know this might be a lot to ask for but think about it, you own more than one bra, right? Okay, good. We aren’t mathematicians but if you have multiple bras in your rotation and there’s 7 days in a week, that equals less washes!

And just like anyone else out there with a hard job, your bras need rest too. Just one day in between wears, is all your bra needs to snap back into shape and last longer!

What’s the best way to wash your bras?

While some bra gurus might look at you funny if they heard that you weren’t hand-washing your bras, it’s totally fine to have the machine do it for you. Just throw your bras and bralettes in a lingerie bag for added protection. If your bras have removable pads take those out before washing. If you have time to hand wash those, lovely! If not, just throw 'em in the bag!

Hook your bra bands together to eliminate twists and tangles. Turn the dial to gentle, wash with similar colors and use a delicate detergent. This will give your bra the facelift it needs to keep its shape and stay looking new!

What’s the best way to dry your bras?

Rule #1: don’t put your bras in the dryer! Air drying is best. You can hang them up (not by their straps) or lay them down but whatever you do just listen to rule #1.

Sometimes, we just need to put a little more effort into the things that we love. So, if you have a few favorite bras that you don’t want to go see go, do what you can do to make them last just a little bit longer.