The Yummie Difference

Yummie has been different from day one. Our singular focus has always been to enhance a woman’s body—not to inhibit it uncomfortably. What other shapewear company can make that claim? This is evident in everything we do, and has been from our very first slimming, smoothing, comfortable tank—a tank whose design was considered revolutionary and has since earned 10 patents.

The Yummie Experts

Every day our team of design experts works with one thing in mind—you. Their only goal is to constantly perfect the Yummie ideal, where fashion meets function seamlessly. They personally put every garment through a comprehensive engineering process for fit, as well as extensive wear testing. And they work closely with fabric mills to develop fabrics that will work best with their innovative designs. Of course, besides innovative, only the most deliciously soft and luxurious fabrics will do. If it doesn’t feel good, it simply doesn’t make the cut.

Technology + Innovation

Our team spends countless hours searching for the newest in fabric technology so that Yummie has a unique outlook. Exclusively ours in shapewear, Outlast is made with a technology originally developed for NASA. It regulates body temperature to help stop sweat before it even starts. It’s like climate control for your skin. It’s what gives a lot of our intimates their distinctive Yummie feel.


The Yummie Philosophy

We believe every woman deserves to feel Yummie to the Core.

That means comfortable, confident, and sexy all at once, whether you're an xs or a 3x. We believe that looking good and feeling good is not only for special occasions: it's for every woman, every day.

The Yummie Hug


It’s not a squeeze. It’s a hug. No seams mean no marks when you take them off. Yummie isn’t for squeezing into that special occasion dress, it’s for every day. Yummie makes clothes fit better, and it makes you feel better about the way you look in them.

Yummie to the Core

Looking and feeling good is not just for special occasions—it’s for every woman, every day—whether you’re an XS or a 3XL. We want all women to feel Yummie to the Core.