What’s the secret behind Yummie shapewear? It’s a mix of super soft and smoothing fabrics with varying levels of compression to go with any outfit. No matter what compression shapewear you choose, you’ll feel a Yummie hug without ever being squeezed. From light smoothing to extra firm compression, we’re proud that Yummie shapewear helps you look and feel fab! 

Let’s dive in: how do you choose the right level of compression for you? Getting the right fit comes down to a few factors including what you will be wearing and what areas of the body you want to accentuate. We hope this shapewear compression level guide will be helpful as you experience the Yummie difference in our always slimming, ever-soft shapewear.

Level 1: Non-Shaping and Smoothing Undies

Give your everyday underwear an upgrade! For days when you want a barely-there bit of smoothing, reach for our non-shaping underwear. Like your favorite white tee, these undies need no thought – they’re just the perfect base layer. 

You can wear our soft non-shaping undies under loungewear for total comfort, or with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. 

Level 2: Light Compression

Craving a little more support? Try our Level 2 collection. The light compression will smooth the trouble areas that worry you. 

Feel secure and comfy in shapewear like our Livi Comfortably Curved Shaping Brief, which features graduated control from waist to tummy for no lumps and bumps. Plus, the clever ruching detail at the bum gives the appearance of a lift!

Level 3: Shapewear With Medium Compression

If you’re looking to add a bit of contour to the body, step up your shapewear with Level 3 Medium Compression. This shapewear compression level is perfect for giving you support with the added bonus of a light lift to your rear, smoothing of the tum, and anti-chafing barrier at the thighs. 

Remember, shapewear isn’t just underwear! Our Ruby Cotton Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit is a great medium compression shapewear piece that can be worn as a top or as a layer beneath another shirt or sweater. 

Level 4: Firm Compression

Many women prefer more compression for days when they want to be completely in control. This is one of the best shapewear compression levels to wear under dresses

In addition to smoothing, Level 4 or 5 compression will slim and contour the body. Our Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Thigh Shaper or Hidden Curves Firm Shaping Slip are ideal for giving you a toned base and hourglass shape.

Level 5: Extra Firm Slimming Power From High Compression Shapewear

When you want high compression shapewear, opt for Level 5. This shapewear compression level is extra firm, yet never constrictive. 

Shapewear like our 6-in-1 Shaping Tank is a dream for layering beneath unforgiving slinky fabrics. This tank is adjustable – you can wear it 6 ways, choosing between Level 4 or Level 5 compression depending on your need. It slims and sculpts leaving you feeling Yummie to the core. This is not your grandmother’s girdle!

Still not sure which shapewear compression level to choose? We recommend having a few different levels of shapewear on hand so that you can try them with different outfits to see which you prefer. Some days, the lightest touch of smoothing is enough. Other days, you might go for compression shapewear in a higher level. You can always reach out to a Yummie stylist for a second opinion on fit questions - we’re here for you! No matter what you choose, we hope your Yummie undies and shapewear empower you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin!